Updated on: 05.07.2020

Business development and expansion in Romania – project management.

In a few months, we have organized the launching of a new Romanian web site, identical with the Bulgarian e-commerce platform, and a huge volume of translations of all web site information. Adaptation to Romanian online business has been made too.

  • We have negotiated and contracted PayU card payment services for online payments.
  • Recruitment for the customer service department has been made for Romanian speakers.
  • We have negotiated and contracted EU Shipments for the delivery of the products to Romania.
  • We have provided reliable and affordable law and accounting services by Romanian experts.
  • We have prepared the warranty claims department for the specifications of the Romanian Customer protection law.
  • We provided all the necessary help for starting the business in a new country.

The result – the project has been successfully started and the company is making progressive sales in Romania.