Establishment of a new company and expansion the business in Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia and Greece

  1. Choosing a development option outside Bulgaria
  2. Together with our clients, we discuss a strategy for their business development in neighbour countries and we advise them about the advantages of every possible option. New company establishment, VAT registration or VAT representative are among the preferable options.

    Every country has its specifications and we will provide you with professional and experienced help upon which you will execute profitable commercial activities for a long time ahead.

    Our clients have already made their profitable choice after a consultation with us, having different options for each country.

  3. Execution of all activities for starting a business in Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia and Greece. Providing reliable legal, accounting and administrative services
  4. Depending on the previously taken decision we execute all activities for establishing a new company or VAT registration in the designated country. We travel instead of you, we use our long term relations in the region, we cooperate with the legal and accounting firms for every administrative aspect. All this reliable and at reasonable prices.

    Our clients still use for their business the legal and accounting firms we have provided.

    For our clients, we have successfully established new companies or VAT registrations in Romania, Greece and Macedonia.

  5. Opening new retail stores, legalizing stores commercial operations and synchronization with foreign headquarter
  6. We find and select proper commercial premises abroad, discuss them with our clients and negotiate the best possible conditions according to local regulations. We travel instead of you and we synchronize operations abroad exactly according to the headquarter rules. Additionally, we help in cooperation with the local regulations. Actively executing the local recruitment and building of the local teams.

    We personally execute all activities for starting and managing a new company in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Greece.

    We have done it many times and our clients still are making millions of euro revenue each year!