Logistics optimization for your company

  1. Warehousing and delivery procedures improvement
  2. We monitor all the processes for receiving, handling, warehousing and expediting of goods. Entering the orders, communication between the company ERP system, web site, stores and personnel, order administration and customer service. We find difficult zones, overtasked staff members and factors, which slow down the process. We analyze wrapping, packing, labeling and storing of goods, and the effectiveness of ERP system. We make proposals for improvements of the warehouse organization, staff members functionalities and even the need of additional functionalities of the ERP system.

    For one of our clients we have rearranged the whole order administration, including warehousing and ERP functionalities, which have led to handling 100% more orders by the same number of staff. Double turnover with no additional people!

  3. Call-center trainings for cross sales
  4. We analyze the needs of communication with the customers and the needed competence of the call-center staff. We establish procedures for customer service by phone and we synchronize the call-center activities with other company departments for a greater performance. Final stage is cross sales targets by phone and the motivation of call-center agents.

    For one of our clients we have developed small size call-center, trained the agents and done additional cross sales targeting, which have rose up the overall company sales by 3%.

  5. Preparing the delivery and communication with the receiving client
  6. We monitor and analyze the preparation of the delivery and the communication with the client by phone or email, starting from the web site or the store information, provided about the delivery methods. We check if the client has been initially well informed about every delivery detail and later how the delivery took place. As the terms and conditions of delivery have great impact on the buyers’ decision, we make proposals for improvements which can lead to 10% less cancelled orders.

  7. Logistics cost saving
  8. We analyze logistics expenses and we propose options for optimization. Warehouse reorganizations, optimizing number of personnel, changes in functionalities, delivery options and staff remuneration based on results.
    We offer specific measures for logistic cost saving or handling greater volumes maintaining same logistic expenses.

    For one of our clients we have made a logistics cost saving plan and they have handled 22% greater volume with the same expenses.

  9. Selection of best logistic approach
  10. We analyze the company logistic activities and needs – from the receiving of goods to customer delivery, including functionalities of ERP system.

    One of our clients have made total reorganization of their logistics based on our proposals. For a period of just 1 year this company reached 250% greater volume capacity with a relatively similar logistic costs. Even more – that company is fully ready to meet few times higher volumes without the need of significant changes anymore.