Rising up online sales

  1. Inspection of the web site and product pages
  2. We check your web site and products position in Google, and the speed of the site on different devices. Full revision of the main web site pages and product pages. We analyze the information in the site – is it clear, easy-to-find and understandable, are the product presentations good enough, is there enough information and pictures for facilitating the buyers’ decision to hit the call-to-action button.

    We make evaluation and proposals for improvements, which can increase online sales with up to 30%.

  3. Check out process improvements
  4. We make an online order from your web site and based on our professional background we examine the steps of check out process. Is it customer friendly – is it easy for the customer to finish the order, how long and how many clicks does she or he need, are the payment methods and delivery options clear enough, etc.
    Check out process often is the reason for leaving the web site and abandoning the shopping cart full.

    We manage to reduce the shopping cart abandons with up to 50%.

  5. Marketing and customer experience
  6. Similar to the shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, online shopping is not only buying things, but also getting positive emotions and having customer experience. Good pictures and product descriptions, videos, user-friendly arrangement of the web site and easy-to find menu, including fast order are the equivalent of the good customer service in a retail store. We offer adequate site arrangement and customer shopping satisfaction in combination with marketing strategy.

    In a middle-term period it could result in an online sales rise up of 20-30%.

  7. Synchronization between stores and online sales
  8. Many companies divide online and offline sales in two different channels. Much more profitable is the combination between the two channels for a synergy effect. Based on a consultation with our clients we offer them options for online sales in combination with offline sales, as well as using the online sales channel (web site) for education and information of the sales people in the stores. Synchronization between the two sales channels saves expenses for processing the daily sales and operational information among employees and the synergy between these channels increases the total company sales with 20-40%.