Rising up the sales in brick-and-mortar stores

  1. Sales coaching
  2. We conduct simple, but highly effective sales trainings with focus on your specific products. Thus we combine sales skills, product knowledge and customer service in one educational event.
    Normally we rise up sales more than 20%.

  3. Reducing the time for a single client service
  4. Sometimes companies establish slow and cumbersome sales procedures in their retail stores. Unnecessary long and boring single client sales service, communication with other company’s stores or warehouses for a product availability checks, timewasting customer data entries in software or even on papers, warranty cards fill-ins, etc. We’ll find all the weaknesses in the sales service and will offer options for improvement, which can save up to 50% of the single client sales service.

  5. Branding and merchandising of retail stores
  6. We examine the merchandising in your retail stores and offer you different improvement options for buyers’ decisions and rise up sales. We offer improvements in retail branding in order to scale up the brand reputation.

  7. Cost optimization
  8. We’ll analyze your retail stores expenses and will find options for reducing or keeping the same level of expenses with greater sales.

    Normally, we reach same level of expenses with 25% greater sales.

  9. Synchronization between stores and online sales
  10. Often companies divide sales in two separate channels – offline and online. Uniting the two sales channels will let you reach the full company potential. Combining the sales in one common channel facilitates the education of new employees, instruction the sales people for new products or procedures, and finally improves the sales.

    For one of our clients we have established procedures for online sales in the retail stores and managed to make sales of products without samples in the store. Thus we reduced the needed store area, respectively the store expenses with 25% and raised up sales with 40%. The total company benefit was impressive!