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Market research for restaurant and hotel business software, selection of PMS system for implementation in a new hotel complex, integrated with the hotel website.

By initial order of the client, we have conducted a research of the appropriate business software for unified management of a hotel complex – restaurant, pool bar, piano bar, hotel and spa. We have also prepared a task letter for the development of a hotel website connected with the reservation platforms. We got thoroughly acquainted with the needs and requirements of our client, prepared a file with the criteria for the system, established communication with companies offering PMS systems and development of a hotel website. After an initial assessment according to the set criteria, we continued the communication with 4 companies for the final choice of system, signing of a contract and start of implementation.

Result – the software, which fully met the requirements, was presented to the client. Also design of a hotel website according to the assignment, integrated with Smart PMS, which will manage the restaurants and the hotel, incl. heating and parking.