Complete inspection of all company processes – products, brick-and-mortar sales, customer service, branding, online sales, call-centre, order administration, warranty claims, logistics and order delivery. Based on the inspection analyze we proposed specific measures for improvement of every process in the company. The main goal was sales rise up and preparing the logistics for greater volumes.

Result – in a period of just 12 months, we have reached 100% sales increase through new ERP integration, logistic improvements, new products, sales training, single client time saving, web site improvements, online sales in brick-and-mortar stores, own transport delivery system and many more.

For better staff performance, we established bonus schemes, based on individual results. Sure, we didn’t forget about cost-saving. We have revised all permanent expenses and reduced many of them still keeping the company capacity.

In 12-14 months we increased net incomes with 120%.